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How to save at least 4000€ a year?

How to save at least 4000€ a year?

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Arto Ylikoski: “The Fuelk service works better than I could have imagined.”

Arto Ylikoski, who has worked as an entrepreneur in the field of forest machines for about eight years, knows the challenges involved in the maintenance and fuelling of one machine chain. That’s why he can appreciate the contract he has made with Fuelk and the advantages it has created.

Ylikoski’s machine chain has used two Fuelk tanks and the fuel service for just over a year now. According to him, the most significant advantage has been the cost savings which have come about in many different ways.  “Fuel is a lot more expensive when you buy it from a station than if you have it delivered straight to the logging site. Duringthe first year, we saved the cost of the tanks and more in fuel costs,” Ylikoski says happily. Transporting the fuel from a D station also takes a great deal of time, so you need another man as a driver. Otherwise an expensive machine stands still and the work does not progress.

According to Ylikoski, savings are also incurred through the maintenance costs of the machines and equipment. “When fuelling, the tanks of the previous service station constantly had problems with water, which was mixed in with the fuel. It froze and the machines didn’t start properly.” The filters had to be changed in the forest and jets ended up breaking. “Now we haven’t had any issues, because we run the machines on fuel from Teboil. That increases efficiency significantly, too,” Arto Ylikoski continues.


Ylikoski Forest uses two 970-litre movable Fuelk tanks, to which fuel is delivered once a week. “When you know the location and address of the next logging site, you can already place an order. Based on the weather reports and the calendar, you can order the summer grade fuel in the spring, so you don’t end up paying a higher price for winter grade fuel,” Arto Ylikoski advises other entrepreneurs.

The co-operation with Fuelk has almost put an end to transporting fuel on the back of a pick-up truck, but Ylikoski is still not giving up his four-by-four. “Small deliveries are always needed when we move to another patch sooner than expected, but we primarily use the tanks for fuelling now.”

Ylikoski has recently sold his machine chain to a relative, but he does sometimes get the itch to return to the forest. “When you see a big spruce forest, ready for logging, you do miss being behind the controls of a machine,” Arto Ylikoski ponders.

Arto Ylikoski

Ylikoski Forest Oy


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