FUELK Oy is a Finnish company. We help forest machine entrepreneurs make their business more efficient by offering an alternative solution, proven to be more efficient, to traditional fuel maintenance. Our products are manufactured in Finland. In fuel distribution we work with leading fuel suppliers.

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Nisulankatu 78


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Electronic invoicing address: 003726502308

Business ID: 2650230-8

Operator: Opus Capita Group Oy

OVT-ID: 003710948874

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Fuelk Oy

PL 53215


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Jussi Haarala

050 3565 752

Heini Ahven

Customer service
050 3457 264

Hannu Honkasalo

Safety expert
0440 400 844


Fuel as a Servicen avulla tehostat metsä- ja maanrakennusyrityksesi toimintaa – parannat koneiden käyttöastetta, käytät työajan.

Fuel as a service®

An easy way to supply fuel to worksites.

Excavation companies

Get to know our products custom-made for excavation companies.

Forest machine companies

Get to know our products custom-made for forest machine companies.


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