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How to save at least 4000€ a year?

How to save at least 4000€ a year?

Our guide answers this and many other questions for you.


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Effortless fuel logistics with Fuel as a service®

Fuel as a Service® is an operating model, where the fuel is brought directly to the worksite where it’s needed. It has already been tried and tested in practice over a period of 20 years. Today, the FUELK fuel tanks and operating model are utilised in forest machine companies and excavation companies around the world. We have over 200 customers within our service in Finland, and sold over 600 IBC containers, also know as FUELK fuel tanks.

It is easy to join our Fuel as a service® . Contact our personnel. They will guide you and find just the right solution for your business.

Fuel costs can make up 30 – 60 percent of your company’s costs. Poor fuel logistics can take away a big chunk from your company’s cash flow. Often, there is room for improvement. Our Fuel as a Service -customers enjoy a better, more efficient way to take care of their fuel logistics.

FAAS in a nutshell

Mobiili fuelk

  • Fuel is delivered straight to your worksite
  • Fast and easy order placements on the phone application
  • Utilize our bargaining power for inexpensive fuel
  • The location of your site is transmitted via GPS
  • Fuelk tanks are suitable to your working conditions
  • Easy to use, transportable containers

Contents of our service


Fuelk’s fuel service policy is the most efficient way to supply fuel to worksites. Fuel is brought directly to the site where it’s needed. The system is made easy: when Fuel as a Service is deployed, resupply orders can be placed by using a mobile application.


Placing an order takes no more than 30 seconds and the order can be placed 24/7. The location of your site is transmitted via GPS to the fuel supplier. If the fuel tank is moved, the new location will be updated automatically. The tank truck delivers the fuel directly to the site.

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The starting point of the design of the FUELK fuel tank has been the practical usability in a demanding environment, never at the expense of the tidiness of the fuelling work. The shape and practical structure of the tank make it easy to handle. The tank can be moved quickly without the time-consuming strapping, when it can be lifted and secured in the bunk. The Fuelk fuel tank is a UN type-approved IBC container.

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It’s cheaper to have the fuel delivered to the site than to pick it up from a station.

Fuel as a service will boost your fuel logistics

By adopting Fuel as a Service®, fuel maintenance will be easier and faster in your company. This reduces the amount of unproductive work and improves the profitability of your company. We make machine entrepreneurship more profitable.

In a forest machine company, fuel maintenance takes a lot of time, money and effort. The majority of forest machine entrepreneurs transport the fuel to the site in their own small tanks. A pick-up truck is required for the transportation, but it also incurs other expenses.

When you use tens of thousands of litres of fuel every year to operate one machine chain, whether you pick up the fuel from a station in your own tank or whether the fuel is already waiting for you on site is a significant question. Today, the Fuelk fuel tanks and service are utilised in machine entrepreneurship companies around the world.

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With the help of the operating model, you can place an order for the fuel to be delivered straight to the forest at short notice. We can make deliveries anywhere that is accessible for a logging truck with a trailer. Why leave your forest machines in a standstill and use your valuable working hours on transporting fuel, when someone else could take the fuel exactly where you need it?

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This is how Fuel as a Service works:

  • A driving machine transports two large FUELK fuel tanks. The tanks are a suitable size in terms of moving, but their fuelling capacity is sufficient.
  • The tanks are numbered 1 and 2. The machines are always fuelled from tank 1, so you remain aware of the amount of fuel on site.
  • You place an order by phone when the first tank is emptied. The location of your site is transmitted via GPS to the supplier.
  • The tank truck delivers the fuel directly to the site.
  • The fuel company invoices the fuel costs afterwards, based on the number of deliveries carried out.

This is how you join our service

It is easy to join our Fuel as a service® . Contact our personnel. They will guide you and find just the right solution for your business.


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