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How to save at least 4000€ a year?

How to save at least 4000€ a year?

Our guide answers this and many other questions for you.


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Fuel ordering with mobile app

We have developed a mobile app that makes it easy to order fuel and shows the locations of Fuelk IBC fuel tanks on a map in real-time. Orders can be placed at any time of a day or night and the location of fuel tanks is transmitted directly to orders with contact information.

It’s easy to order fuel 24/7

It is no longer necessary to queue up for fuel at a petrol station, get yourself and your equipment
dirty while fueling, and transport fuel in small containers to the job site. Orders for fuels can be
made directly to the job site with Fuelk’s mobile application. With Fuel as a Service you can
reduce the number of unnecessary trips driven in the forestry and earthwork industry and the
amount of vehicle maintenance needed.


Fuelk’s fuel tanks are numbered as number 1 and number 2. Equipment is always fueled first from
tank number 1 in order to make it possible to monitor the amount of fuel in real-time on site.
When tank number 1 is empty, a fuel order is placed with the mobile app or text message. The
fuel company sends an invoice for fuel costs afterwords based on actual fuel deliveries.

Features of the Fuelk ordering application

Mobiili fuelk

  • Orders for fuel can be sent directly to the job site
  • You can track the locations of FUELK fuel tanks on a map
  • The fuel supplier receives a precise delivery location as a point on the map and as GPS
  • Fast, an order for fuel takes less than 30 seconds to make
  • Orders can be placed 24/7
  • Gives new location data if the fuel tank moves more than one kilometer

Order a demo username/password and download link

Order a demo username/password and check out the Fuelk ordering application. Ordering fuel directly to the job site with the application is easy and hassle-free. You will immediately receive an email with a demo username/password and download link. We value your privacy, we do not share your contact information with third parties.

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