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How to save at least 4000€ a year?

How to save at least 4000€ a year?

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Jouko Määttä: “Small investment, big savings.”

Jouko Määttä, who takes care of his contract work with six machine chains, is happy with the Fuelk tanks he acquired in early 2014 and the savings they have created.


“Before, we ordered 10,000 litres of fuel to the warehouse and transported it to the machines from here. Now, the drivers order the fuel themselves and give instructions on where the tank truck should deliver it at a given time. The warehouse worker and myself are free to do other work!” Jouko Määttä says.

Jouko has calculated that he saves at least 10 working hours a week, while pointless driving and the costs of a transportation van can also be forgotten. “Ordering fuel to the Fuelk tanks directly on site has made the process a lot easier and more flexible,” Jouko Määttä elaborates.


The machine operators have also been happy with the new procedure. They think that the long tanks are easy to transport. When they are placed in the bunk, they stay there, and the driver’s bucket also fits between them. “The tank truck drivers have told us that they like filling these tanks, when the filling hole is large enough and they are able to see when the tank is full. You cannot see that with a lot of tanks, and the fuel ends up splashing all over the place,” Jouko describes.

The design and product development of the Fuelk tanks also receives praise from their users. There were some problems with leakages in a few hoses, but they were quickly replaced with new ones, and now everything has been working without fault, according to Jouko. “Fuelk does seem to take care of its clients well, as they sometimes call us and ask about our experiences,” Jouko says.

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