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How to save at least 4000€ a year?

How to save at least 4000€ a year?

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“Fuelk deserves the highest mark for customer service and innovativity.”

“It is great that this industry also sees new innovations and that there exists the courage to try. Entrepreneurs in the machine business must dare to invest and not only cut back, because it is not good for business and profitability.”

These are the words of Matti-Pekka Falck, a Tampere-based machinery entrepreneur with 24 years of entrepreneurship as well as experience from business development in international listed companies. “In large companies, everything is based on cost-benefit calculations, based on which we forest machine entrepreneurs should also make our decisions. Too often we do what we have always done before,” Matti-Pekka Falck describes the situation.


Matti-Pekka Falck unreservedly praises Fuelk’s service concept which has penetrated the sore spot of entrepreneurship, the improvement of profitability. “Fuelk has solved the logistical problems involved in the transportation of fuel through an innovative tank.”  Thanks to Fuelk, machinery is never brought to a standstill because it has ran out of fuel, and no one has to use their working hours to transport fuel.

“If you sit down and honestly calculate how expensive a three-hour standstill or transporting fuel on Hilux can get, the decision to move to Fuelk’s model, where the fuel is transported directly to the site, is an easy one,” Falck explains. “When all the expenses are taken into consideration in full, the cost of three un-invoiced hours of a standstill will buy you hundreds of litres of fuel! I calculated that getting the tanks is most profitable when done on leasing financing, because financing is so cheap right now,” Falck advises.


Matti-Pekka Falck’s company has four machine units, which work in two shifts in the forest and doing clearing work along train tracks. In addition to these, the company has earthmovers which are used for various digging work. The drivers of the machines have been eager to adapt Fuelk’s model. “One driver said that he wished someone had invented this Fuelk 20 years ago, because life would have been so much easier! It removes some stress from the drivers’ work, when they don’t have to constantly fear that they are going to run out of fuel, and they do not have to keep checking whether there’s some left in the tank.”

Fuelk’s tanks receive a lot of praise from Falck and the drivers. “They are really easy and safe to use. Nothing freezes under the lockable lid, and small items, such as grease sticks and extra hoses, are easy to transport to the patch in the tank’s supply box. For our company, using Fuelk creates a clear advantage in terms of company image, when it reinforces the idea that we handle fuel responsibly and safely when out in nature,” Matti-Pekka Falck continues.


Matti-Pekka Falck says that as a customer he is quite critical when acquiring new products or services. “I usually study the manner of operation of a company or product and do not make a decision until afterwards. I first got to know Fuelk through a leaflet, and their service concept peaked my interest straightaway. After more careful inspection, we noticed that Fuelk removes several problems plaguing the industry, and improves the profitability of conducting a business.

The service provided by Fuelk is exactly what service should be.” “Customers are constantly informed, feedback is taken aboard straightaway and customer service is always available, so we can always reach someone by phone, when we have any questions. For us, Fuelk is a partner that is interested in using their innovations to develop the industry and improve its profitability. That’s important, because the recent rise in costs hasn’t been transferred into the prices of contracted work,” Falck regrets.

“The secret behind the profitable operations of our company includes the fact that we do things slightly differently, our higher efficiency and the degree of use of our machines, and, of course, our capable and committed personnel!” Matti-Pekka Falck defines the principles of profitability.


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