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How to save at least 4000€ a year?

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Miika Kannala: “If you can drive a logging truck to the forest, you can drive a tank truck there too!”

Koneurakointi Kannala Ky’s one machine chain employs two other drivers, in addition to entrepreneur Miika Kannala.  “A combine harvester has been driven around the clock and a driving machine has been operated in one shift.” Kannala receives his logging work through a forestry organizsation, mainly in the Ylitornio area. The company has been using Fuelk fuel tanks on its one machine chain since the autumn of 2015.

“When I’ve told someone about the model, they have immediately asked, ‘how can a tank truck get into the forest?’ But if you can drive a logging truck into the forest, you can drive a tank truck there, too,” Miika Kannala explains.


Miika Kannala’s experiences from the co-operation with Fuelk are entirely positive. Old worries about whether the machines are going to run out of fuel and its cost are in the past. “Before, we had to pass the house  to get another full tank for the morning, even after a full day’s work. We also had to calculate whether the men would have enough fuel to last until the evening. And if they didn’t, we spent pointless hours waiting around while the machine was not moving anywhere. Now the car doesn’t get dirty and stink of fuel either, like before, when we drove around canisters that splashed around,” Miika reminisces.

“You get the full benefit of Fuelk’s service when you immediately get two tanks for each machine chain. When one tank is empty, you know when to order fuel, and then you use another 1,000 litres, which is the minimum amount for on-site transportation without any additional expenses. I recommend that other entrepreneurs also make a leasing contract on the tanks with Fuelk, because then you pay for them little by little, while getting the full benefit from the arrangement, Miika advises.

Based on his experiences, Miika is willing to recommend Fuelk to other entrepreneurs, too. “This model has really make things easier! We are very satisfied and I can recommend it, whether you have one machine or ten!”

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